The Varied Options of Local Restaurants in Gaithersburg

The Varied Options of Local Restaurants in Gaithersburg

Gaithersburg, the fourth largest city in Maryland and one of the cities comprising the outskirts of Washington, DC, has hundreds of restaurants to choose from for those visiting or locals wanting to expand their options. Beyond chains, there are many Local Restaurants in Gaithersburg that provide huge draws to hungry patrons. There are restaurants for every taste. Local ethnic options include Thai House Restaurant, Tandori Nights, and Ziki Japanese restaurant. For beer snobs, there is the Dogfish Head Ale House. Italian lovers can visit Il Porto and Zio’s Italian Restaurant. Those looking for a family style restaurant that serves steak and seafood look no further than The Potomac Grill.

Being so close to Washington, DC and having an accredited culinary school within its city limits, L’Academie de Cuisine, Gaithersburg is in the prime location for great restaurants and food. Local Restaurants in Gaithersburg can draw crowds looking to get out of the big city and from all over Maryland who are looking for new experiences. Many chefs from the culinary school stay in Gaithersburg to work and open restaurants. The options are growing every day in Gaithersburg, especially as more people move from larger cities to the suburbs. It is also a convenient stop for travelers going up and down the coast.

Many local restaurants are also looking to increase the amount of local food they use. The local food movement has gained much traction in recent years, and Gaithersburg is no exception. Farmers markets have sprouted all over the state, giving access to chefs looking for quality ingredients. Silver Diner, for example, uses fifteen local farms that support sustainable agriculture. Many also find value in patronizing locally run restaurants because of the benefit it brings to communities, versus the bigger national chains. Mom and pop eateries that have been there for years are worth investing into many because of the character and history it brings to the community. Newer restaurants, too, contribute to the revitalization of areas all around Gaithersburg. As sustainable living and communities continue to gain popularity, it is easy to guess that the local joints will continue to thrive as well.

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