The Use Of Dental Braces In Tuscaloosa Can Create a Mouth With Beautiful Straight Teeth

The Use Of Dental Braces In Tuscaloosa Can Create a Mouth With Beautiful Straight Teeth

Having straight white teeth can make you feel confident and self assured. The same can’t be said for the person who has crooked teeth, large gaps between their teeth or an overcrowded mouth. The person with an over-bite or an under-bite may be equally unhappy with their smile. For these individuals more intensive work may need to be done in order to correct the problem. That’s when an orthodontist at Renaissance Dental can help. Dental Braces In Tuscaloosa can reposition the teeth to the proper placement in the mouth in order to create the beautiful smile that didn’t develop naturally.

teeth with whitening tray

Renaissance Dental in Tuscaloosa, Alabama offers general dental care, along with cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. A mouth with a less than perfect set of teeth can easily be transformed into a smile that will light up the room with their help. Beginning with a routine dental exam, X-rays and a professional teeth cleaning, the dentist can determine what steps should be taken to obtain straight teeth. If braces may be in order, the patient will be referred over to the orthodontics area where a treatment plan can be arranged by the orthodontist to correct what’s wrong. Since each patient’s treatment will be require specific problems to be addressed, a custom solution will be prepared to meet the needs of each patient.

Dental Braces In Tuscaloosa can be put on patients of any age. Both children and adults can take advantage of what braces can do to straighten their teeth. Conventional or metal braces are most often used on younger patients, since they are more durable and can withstand active play. Invisible aligners, which are clear in appearance, can be used on older patients who may be self conscious about wearing them. Since these aligners can be taken in and out to eat, many adults find them to be a better option than wearing traditional braces. All braces take time to move the teeth, but the results can be dramatic and greatly improve a patient’s smile and outlook on life.

Once a braces treatment has been completed, and they have been removed, the patient will need to wear a retainer for a specified amount of time. This will prevent the teeth from moving further until they firmly remain in the new position. If desired, the patient’s new smile can be enhanced even more with teeth whitening to brighten the newly straightened teeth.

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