The Three Crucial Macular Degeneration Facts You Should Know About

When your eyesight begins to fade, you are encouraged to see an eye care professional. You need to find the reason, and you need to figure out if your family medical history has anything to do with it. Your eye doctor should be able to determine the condition. For example, if you are experiencing macular degeneration, it’s imperative you find an eye doctor who specializes in macular degeneration in Palm Beach Gardens.

Here are three macular degeneration facts to consider.

What is Macular Degeneration?

This eye condition occurs when the macula or retina experience becomes damaged. Blurry vision through the center of your eye is the result. In the worst-case scenario, you will have no more vision. Often, age-related macular degeneration, or ARMD, is caused by aging eyes. The exact cause has not been pinpointed, and there is no cure.

How Does it Occur?

Right now, eye care professionals know that age causes this eye disease. They also know that if you have a medical family history, you have to get examined once a year through a specialized procedure involving drops in your eyes. Researchers in this field are continually testing theories. Until something more substantial is found, patients are encouraged to care for their eyes by eating foods packed with vitamins and nutrients. In the dry version, the macula breaks down. In the wet version, blood vessels appear under the macula.

Is Treatment Available?

There is no treatment for this eye condition. Once you have been diagnosed, your medical professional determines if there are steps that can slow down the progression. Prescription-strength vitamins and minerals are given to patients, and the option for laser surgery is also explored. Corrective lenses like glasses and contact lenses may help improve your vision, too.

To speak with an eye care professional about macular degeneration in Palm Beach Gardens, contact. Your eyes are important.

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