The Stuff of Fantasy Novels: Gorilla Tracking in The Impenetrable Forest

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If you are thinking about taking a safari in Africa, don’t settle for the first itinerary you come up with. There are several amazing locations in Africa that are less talked-about, but no less fascinating. Consider, for example, taking a trip to Uganda where you can track gorillas in the Bwindi National Park, site of the intriguingly named Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It sounds like something out of The Lord of the Rings, right? If you are looking for a true African adventure, far off the beaten path, this is a trip for you.

The Impenetrable Forest is so called because it is a thick, overgrown rainforest, the kind you think of when you visualize Stanley and Livingston. Trails are steep and sometimes covered with gnarly vines and overgrowth. Experts recommend you bring sturdy hiking boots and walking sticks if you plan to go on this type of safari in Africa. The park is home to some 340 Mountain gorillas, half the Mountain gorilla population in the world, with none of them in captivity. On-foot tracking expeditions are the only way to see this endangered species. Note that gorillas seldom respond to visitors.

While gorilla tracking is the main draw of this safari in Africa, there are hundreds of other species in Bwindi National Park. Animal species include around 120 different mammals like the chimpanzee, African elephant, African Green Broadbill, L’Hoest’s Monkey, African golden cat, civet, vervet, giant forest hog, red-tailed monkeys and many more. In addition, 350 types of birds and 200 species of butterflies make this area a delight to amateur enthusiasts and ornithologists alike. Nor is the diversity limited to animal life. Thanks to the rare meeting of plain and mountain forest, there are more than 220 species of trees and 100 species of ferns in the park.

Bwindi National Park can be very cold, especially in the morning and at night and in June and July; it is recommended that travelers take plenty of warm clothes and layers. There are two rainy seasons from March to May and from September to November. These are no short cloud bursts, so if travelers want to stay relatively dry, it is recommended that they stay away during these months.

There are plenty of places to stay during this safari in Africa, including several safari lodges, tent camps, and stone cottages. Choose carefully and you might get a visit from the local people who will you supply you with some of their sweet, fresh brew. With amazing plant life, a chance to view a rare species of primate, hikes like no other, and a name straight from Tolkien, there is no doubt about it. For the adventure of a lifetime, nothing can beat a gorilla tracking safari in Africa.

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