The Role of a Bail Bonds Minnesota Company

The Role of a Bail Bonds Minnesota Company

When a family member or friend gets a call that someone they love has been arrested, it’s always an upsetting situation. It could be for a DUI charge innocently incurred after a night out dancing. On the darker side, it could be for a premeditated bank robbery or armed assault. The arrested person wants to get out of jail as fast as possible and they need someone to find a Bail Bonds Minnesota company to put up the bail.

A judge sets the bail at the defendant’s arraignment. This is usually a short hearing where the defendant is formally notified of the crime that he’s being charged with. He then enters a plea of guilty or not guilty. Then the judge denies bail, releases him on personal recognizance or sets a bail amount. If the defendant has the bail, then he can post it and leave. However, most people can’t easily cover the amount bail. That’s when they turn to a Bail Bondsman In Minnesota. They can be out of jail by paying only a fraction of the cost.

Defendants can expect to put up 10 percent of the bail bond, plus an additional sum to cover the cost of travel for the bail bond agent. If a judge sets bail at $10,000, then the defendant will probably pay $1,000 plus travel costs. For a smaller bond under $900 the defendant can expect to pay a larger percentage. Defendants don’t usually have to worry about putting up collateral for a bond. The Bail Bonds Minnesota company will consider several factors in determining whether to underwrite the bond. These include how long the defendant has been employed, how long they’ve lived at their current address, their credit rating, they type of crime they are charged with, and their past criminal record. If someone is co-signing for the bail, the bail bond company will perform the same check on the co-signer.

A bail bond is a promise to the court that the defendant will appear at all the required hearings until the case is finished. If a bail bond company believes that the defendant will not do that, then they can revoke the bail bond at any time. This means that the defendant will be returned to jail. A co-signer can not use the excuse that they’ve changed their mind to get a bail revoked.

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