The Responsibilities of Care Givers

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Healthcare

Few people are prepared for or even understand the tasks and responsibilities involved in caring for the aged. The caregiver is a very important part of the caregiving equation, and the success of the caregiving process is largely dependent on the care giver. As family and friends prepare to get help from caregivers Naperville they need to ensure that they have everything in order for a smooth transition from their hands to the caregivers.

Essentially, the first step that a family should take is to make a list of all the needs of the elderly. If the elderly person is physically impaired, then one needs to make arrangements for someone to do the cleaning, cooking, laundry, meal preparation and shopping. Some caregivers offer to do this as part of their job description. However, it can be strenuous for one person to carry out all the housekeeping and homemaking activities while attending to the main focal activity of providing emotional and physical support to the elderly as well.

The maintenance of hygiene is also a key responsibility for caregivers Naperville. They are responsible for assisting the elderly care, especially under the circumstances where the elderly needs assistancein bathing themselves and suffers from loose bowel movement often known asincontinence (loss of bladder or bowel control) or colostomies. A physically impaired senior may require the assistance of equipment such as wheelchairs and hospital beds.

When caring for an aged family member, there are many financial dynamics that come into play. If the elderly person requires constant medication, doctor checkups, therapeutic appointments etc. then a plan needs to be put in place as to how this care will be provided for and financed. Once the treatment plan has been set in place then the role of Caregivers Naperville would be to ensure that the elderly attend their doctor’s appointments, take their medication and adhere to the doctor’s orders and prescriptions.

Last but not least, caregivers Naperville are there to offer some degree of companionship to the elderly. Elderly folks are often isolated in society and best care you can give them is someone to reminisce with.

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