The Primary Reason Women Seek Breast Augmentation in Wichita

The Primary Reason Women Seek Breast Augmentation in Wichita

Like it or not, American society today defines beauty, not according to the popular saying, with the “eye of the beholder”, but rather by popular media: print, television and Internet, all of which discovered long ago that sexuality sells products. As a result, the vast majority of the merchandise we buy today is promoted in the marketplace with as much sexuality as possible. And sexuality, as we all know, slides on a “hotness” scale that rises with one’s bra size. Thus it is that there are women who feel themselves to be in need of some enhancement, not to be on the cover of Playboy, but simply to be competitive as a woman, to elevate herself to the sexual status of her peers.

There are of course, other reasons women seek Breast Augmentation in Wichita: one breast might be smaller than the other, one’s breasts may have failed to develop normally in adolescence, or one’s breasts may have changed size and/or shape following weight loss, pregnancy or simply as a result of the aging process. By far and large, however, the majority of women who seek surgical breast enlargement are simply wishing to level the perceptual playing field a bit between themselves and other women.

Breast augmentation is a serious surgery and not to be taken lightly. Women are advised to educate themselves as much as possible prior to making an appointment with a plastic surgeon in order to be able to ask knowledgeable questions. It is also recommended that they seek a surgeon who is thoroughly experienced in producing the kind of results they hope to gain. Good questions to ask at your consultation include those concerning most frequently encountered complications, incision sites, recovery time, pain management, implant placement, recommended type of implant (saline vs. silicon) and why, naturalness of the implant’s look and feel, scarring, etc. If you ever think you might have a child and wish to breastfeed, you should ask about the impact breast augmentation surgery has on breastfeeding.

Most people feel that despite that the results of breast augmentation are well worth the pain, cost and inconvenience of going through surgery. The results are immediate and permanent, and will bring your outer appearance in line with the inner you!

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