The Planning Stages of Custom Exhibits

The Planning Stages of Custom Exhibits

Custom exhibits give your company a chance to make a name for themselves in front of hundreds and possibly thousands of attendees at a trade show. It is important to remember what you are up against when you participate in an event. The other vendors and various other distractions that are present in the venue itself all play a role in fighting for the attendees’ attention. How you present your company plays a role in whether it piques the curiosity of the audience. Paying close attention to the use of colors, lighting, movement and sound can all help you create a successful display.

Brief Opportunity

You only have a short amount of time, possibly only a few seconds, to win over the attention of the people in attendance. You need to find a way to portray the message you want the audience to obtain in those few short seconds during which their attention is on your booth. Figuring out how to do this takes a lot of thought and research into the design of the display you create.


Consider the colors of your custom exhibits closely. You don’t want neutral colors that are going to blend into the background, yet you also don’t want colors that are so obnoxious people turn their head away.


Lighting is a great way to bring attention to a certain product or area of your display. It is important to be careful with the amount of lighting you use, though. Too much lighting can look overwhelming. It should be used as a way to highlight something special or gradually bring their attention to a certain area.

Movement and Sound

Whether you have an electronic display that is animated or you have product demonstrations going on by an employee during the show, any type of interaction is enticing. You can also incorporate serious sounds from your booth as long as they are tasteful and are not overwhelming the other vendors around you.

There are a variety of ways to make your trade show a success. Innovative custom exhibits are not designed overnight; you need to put ample thought and research into them to determine just how you can stand apart from the competition. You participate in trade shows to be recognized, which is why it makes sense to put the time and effort into your display to make your efforts as successful as possible.

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