The Obscure Duties of Property Management Companies

The Obscure Duties of Property Management Companies

Many people believe that property management companies only track rents and lease space. Actually, the duties of a property management company go much deeper than that. Here are a few things to help you gain a better understanding regarding what a property management company actually does.

Track and Research Monthly Items
From listings to market share research and many other things in between, the duties of a property management company are vast. For example, these companies research and monitor arrears as relevant to the percentage and portfolio income. Additionally, they track vacancies – which include scheduled move-outs, abandonments, and evictions. Furthermore, they research the turnaround time it takes to respond to a maintenance request or a tenant inquiry.

Overall Performance
More often than not, property management firms do their own quality assurance, especially when it comes to financial performance and the drivers that surround it. For example, out of all the Arkansas-based property management companies, Little Rock firms might perform more quality assurance checks on their overall performance. This could be in part because Little Rock is a popular area in Arkansas. Furthermore, these firms might be a part of a larger chain that requires optimal performance of property management in the area.

Training and Communication
Sometimes, training and communication may take a backseat to driving a rental or closing a deal for a lease. One of the most important duties of a property management company is for them to keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry. In order to accomplish this, training is essential, and effective communication (oral or written) is a necessity. Whether the training consists of a workshop or seminar, it is important that professionals within the property management industry stay on the pulse of what is going on that could have a positive or negative impact upon the processes that govern the industry.

Central Reporting
A good part of what a management firm does is centered on reporting. Whether reporting rents or move-outs, the bulk of what a firm does regarding a property is placed in a monthly report. Sure, there are a few reports that include statistics, but there are also other reports that discuss management processes and complaints for a particular property.

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