The Necessities of Planning Out Your Will and Estate Before You Pass Away

It can be easy to assume that your loved ones will know what to do with your estate when you die. You believe that your children will divide up your assets evenly. You also expect your spouse to follow your wishes and bury you in the cemetery that you choose.

However, grief can cause people to act in unpredictable ways. Your loved ones can decide not to carry out your wishes at all. By using a lawyer who specializes in will estate planning in Evanston, you can put your final wishes in writing and have them executed accordingly after you are gone.

Naming Your Heirs

One of the primary reasons to retain a lawyer who works in will estate planning in Evanston involves being able to name your heirs. Even if you have children whom you love dearly, you may not want some of them to inherit money or property from you. You realize that they could be reckless with their inheritances.

You can stipulate to your lawyer whom you would like your heirs to be so that no one can lay claim to your estate after you are gone. The final will and testament will be filed with the local probate court.

The judge will then issue a decree that stipulates who gets what out of your estate. Your wishes will be carried out precisely as long as they are reasonable.

Planning Your Funeral

You also can stipulate what your final plans are for your funeral. Your lawyer can make sure that your remains are taken to the designated funeral home. You also will be buried in the cemetery that you name.

You can find out more about estate and will planning online. Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey P. Story today to schedule a free consultation with an attorney.

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