The Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Murfreesboro TN is the Lawyer You Need if You Have Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

The Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Murfreesboro TN is the Lawyer You Need if You Have Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents can really leave the victim with serious injuries which often require extensive medical care and long periods of recuperation. If you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident, then you need to contact an attorney immediately who is specifically skilled and experienced in these accidents. The Law Office of Gritton & Gritton PLLC is a place to start. A motorcycle accident can leave you in worse shape than a car accident will. Therefore, it is imperative that you begin your legal process for recovery of expenses and loss wages as soon as possible.

The Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Murfreesboro TN can be retained immediately. He will begin to collect evidence left at the accident scene and he will study the other motorcycle or vehicle for evidence which may show neglect on the owner’s part. He will study the road conditions. The attorney will interview the witnesses before they forget or move away or someone changes their mind. The attorney will also interview the EMS workers and the investigating police officers. The purpose of this work is to rule out what is not important as much as it is to rule in what is important to the case.

The attorney will begin to review your medical treatment records and evaluate the information for the purpose of developing preliminary estimates of a settlement. Your lost wages will figure into this and your family’s loss will also be part of this calculation.

Your prognosis will be important because your expenses will continue until you heal completely and return to work. Your attorney will ask your doctors if there will be any residual problems which cannot be anticipated at this time. These will need to be evaluated and possibly a settlement will be postponed until you are free of future medical problems.

The settlement proposed by your attorney will interest the other party’s insurance company because they will realize that the next step is court if the settlement is rejected. There may be some negotiations over the proposal but it may not be acceptable to the insurance company in the final analysis.

This leaves the route of mediation or arbitration possible. However, it most likely will lead to a trial in court. The Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Murfreesboro TN will be more than ready to take this case to court and win.


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