The Most Jive Jazz Clubs in America

The Most Jive Jazz Clubs in America

13442475_lJazz was first seen in the red light district in New Orleans, born from European and African musical traditions during the turn of the 19th century. Jazz embodies everything from freedom of expression, individuality and features an infusion of democracy, making it the perfect example of the American experience.

While it can be difficult to pinpoint what jazz is specifically, hearing the music provides anyone with a clear understanding. If you really want to experience American Jazz Singers‏ and what they have to offer, including their unique and impressive talent, then you need to hear and see them in action – live – at one of the most popular jazz clubs in the U.S.

Preservation Hall in New Orleans
Preservation Hall is situated right in the heart of the New Orleans French Quarter and considered a true jazz institution. It is found inside of a nondescript house that is located on St. Peter Street, which is just around the corner from the well-known Bourbon Street. It features a dingy, cramped, but extremely exquisite double parlor and has loose floor boards; however, it has served as a music hall since the 1960s, being home of some of the greatest music and performers in all of New Orleans.

Originally, this club was designed to be a type of art gallery where older jazz musicians, some unemployed and poor, would be able to play for tips. However, soon enough the music overcame the art and now Preservation Hall has been dedicated to preservation of the style of jazz that is only found in New Orleans.

Blues Alley in Washington D.C.
This is an intimate and elegant club offering a small area and impressive music. It is well-known for attracting an international crowd, where you may wind up sitting next to foreign diplomats, activists, senators and other jazz enthusiasts from all over the world.

The Blue Note Jazz Club in New York
The “Blue Note” is a type of musical note used in jazz music, and has been used for the name of a number of establishments, including the current Blue Note Jazz Club. In the past, clubs under this name have also been found in Paris and Chicago; however, the one in New York first opened in 1981 and has become the only jazz club to be franchised, with three locations in Japan and planned locations in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Seoul.

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