The Most Common Complications for Air Conditioners in Phoenix

The Most Common Complications for Air Conditioners in Phoenix

AC systems normally determine how comfortable a home will be to live in. If the AC system is efficient, the prevalent conditions in the house will be up to the desired standards. However, when there is a faulty part, you will always complain about stuffiness or cold or some other HVAC issue. Below are the most common complications for Air Conditioners Phoenix experts at Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc will fix for you.

A blown fuse

Fuses are installed in the AC unit to protect the compressor against overheating. The fuse is normally located in the evaporator coil. When the fuse has blown, no current will be going through the unit. AC experts normally fix this problem by replacing the blown fuse with a new one.

Corroded gas valves

Another common AC problem is gas valves that are not working in the right manner. The most common reason behind this is corroding of the valves. When the valves are corroded, they do not allow the smooth flow of gas from the gas line into the capacitor. This means that very little or no combustion will take place. As a result, very little if any heating will be achieved. Replacing the valves is the only way to ensure that the AC unit regains normal function.

Filter problems

This is the part of the AC system that is supposed to trap all the dust, pollen and other particles. As time goes by however, these particles start getting clogged in the filters. This affects the efficiency of the filter. A worse scenario is when the particles in the filters start getting circulated back into the air that you are breathing. Regular cleaning of permanent filters helps solve this problem. If they are not permanent, replacing them every four months will help you maintain your HVAC’s efficiency.

Worn out contactors

A HVAC system has three contractors:

* One for the compressor

* One for the condenser fan motor

* One for the blower motor

These contractors are only supposed to engage when there is a need to heat or cool. When they are ruined, it becomes impossible to regulate temperature.

These are common problems with Air Conditioners in Phoenix. Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc are the best contractors for HVAC servicing.

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