The Incredible Folding Umbrella

The Incredible Folding Umbrella

When spring rolls around, and the rains begin, a good umbrella is a must for nearly all commuters. However, many people are reluctant to carry around bulky, unwieldy umbrellas, choosing instead to take a chance. But are these the only two options? Luckily, the answer is no: Enter the folding umbrella.

A folding umbrella is a compact version of its larger cousin that can be tucked into handbags, backpacks or briefcases, to be brought out only when needed. These umbrellas come in many styles and with numerous options, so there is almost certainly a model that adheres to your specifications.

While it may seem that an umbrella that can fold is a relatively recent invention, the first compact, foldable umbrella was actually introduced back in 1928 by an inventor named Hans Haupt. Collapsible umbrellas as we know them came out in 1969 after a man named Bradford E. Phillips filed for a patent on an invention he called a “working folding umbrella.” Since that time, the technology has been further refined until we have the variety of compact umbrellas we see today.

Even though they fold neatly, collapsible umbrellas come in a variety of sizes. Some fold out to nearly the size of a classic umbrella, whereas others, called pocket umbrellas, are significantly smaller but are much more compact when retracted. The advantage of the larger umbrella is that it has a larger circumference, thereby protecting more of your body from precipitation, but since it takes up more space, you will probably not be able to fit it into your purse unless it is quite large.

Not only do these umbrellas come in a variety of sizes, they may also contain different features. For example, an increasing number of umbrellas automatically open with the push of a button, making them especially convenient when you need to use them quickly. Some models, however, must be opened the old fashioned way, which requires two free hands. Obviously, this method is much less convenient, especially if you are carrying anything like a briefcase or a shopping bag.

In addition, some folding umbrellas come with a sleeve that allows them to be neatly stored and helps them avoid getting tangled in your bag or on your clothing, but when rain is imminent, it is probably a good idea to remove the sleeve for the interim so that you can unfold your umbrella quickly. Otherwise, you may end up getting wet as you struggle to unsheathe it.

If you want to keep dry in the rain without having to carry unnecessary bulk, then you need a folding umbrella. You find a wide selection of models online at Raintec Umbrella, so you are sure to find the folding umbrella that best suits your needs.

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