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When it comes to precision grinding needs, choosing a service that has the experience, expertise, equipment and capabilities to complete your order is an important decision. For thread grinding, where each thread has to be created to extremely tight tolerances and with complete accuracy, choosing only the best company is the best possible option.

Many project managers and fabrication or manufacturing companies choose service providers for everything from thread grinding to precision cutting based on price alone. While price will always be a consideration in a project, quality and the ability to provide threading to exacting specifications are even more important for many projects.

The Process

There are many different types of thread grinding shapes, styles and designs. Top companies can create custom threads in a range of sizes with just a simple transfer of the grinding profile which can be sent by email.

Once this information for the custom thread is received by the company, it is loaded into the computerized system that will control the thread grinding process. With this computer controlled manufacturing, there is a precision and exacting detail with each thread that is simply not possible with other methods.

One of the most popular methods in use today is the center-type thread grinding. This allows the threading machine to work similar to a lathe, with the cutting tool actually being a specially designed grinding wheel to carve out the thread in the alloy or plastic.

For headless types of screws and fasteners, centerless grinding may be the best option. This produces an extremely uniform thread design with very tight tolerances, an essential component for medical, aerospace and tooling industries.

Types of Threads

Depending on the specific industry from electronics to aerospace needs, different threads may be required for various components. Top companies will be able to produce a full range of threads including:

 * Multiple start threads
 * J threads
 * Taper threads
 * Acme threads
 * Metric sizes
 * Buttress threads
 * Trapezoidal threads

There are even companies that can provide the option to create up to 32-degree helix angle threads or any other customized or unique thread form that may be required for the job.

It is important to talk to any company offering thread grinding about the process they recommend for the job and the equipment and techniques that will be used. Many of these companies are specialized grinding services, which means they have the most advanced equipment and highly trained technicians to make sure your job is done to specs.

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