The Importance of Premium Base Oils for the Automotive Business

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Business

Consumers require the highest quality motor oils to keep their vehicles running smoothly. A major component in the quality of the motor oil manufacturers are able to provide is through the use of quality base oils. The two basic types available are mineral and full synthetic oils, each of which creates the various oils on the market. Finding the right supplier of your products will help you provide a quality product for your customer’s vehicles.

Mineral Oil

All products that are meant to protect a car’s engine start with crude oil that is carefully refined. Mineral oil goes through a refinery process to separate the portions with lubrication properties and those without. This process is also used to remove any components that are not conducive to the end product, furthering the lubrication factors of the product. When a company looks for a supplier for their mineral oil, they should look for one that offers the strictest refinery processes to ensure the removal of all substances that could harm the effectiveness of the end product.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic base oils have a premium stature because they are created using a more intense refining process. Synthetic motor oils also contain various additives that enhance its properties. This enables motorists to experience certain luxuries, such as extra protection for the engine in cases of extreme temperatures, as well as enhanced performance.

Finding the Right Products

Any automotive company that produces motor oil is dependent on quality base oils to start their product. It is vital to take the time to find a supplier that offers the strictest refining processes with the highest regard for quality. There should be various quality checks in place for each process, as well as safety standards for dealing with the crude oil and its refining process. You need a company that promises quality products in a timely manner to enable you to provide your customers with a quality product.

Motor oils hold an important function in almost every consumer’s world. Anyone who owns a car needs motor oil. The type consumers buy is a personal preference, but as a manufacturer of the products, you can ensure your customers of its quality ingredients by starting off with quality base oils. Just as your customers want to find a reputable company from which to purchase their motor oil, you need to find a reputable company from which to purchase your crude oil to create the end product your customers have come to rely on.

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