The Importance of Play in Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy in Surprise, AZ

Play is an important component of applied behavior analysis therapy for children with an autism spectrum disorder. There are several reasons why therapists include play in their work with kids. Children find the therapy to be more fun, of course, but they also experience significant advantages as the sessions proceed.

ABA therapy for kids in Surprise, AZ, is meant to be as enjoyable as possible while still helping them practice important behavior concepts.

Therapists customize programs individually since each child has preferred ways of doing things. Autistic children tend to be significantly less flexible in regard to behavior modification. Focusing on activities that make them feel safe and calm is essential.

One child likes solitary problem-solving projects best. That might be putting together a jigsaw puzzle, for example. Another would rather use gross motor skills to throw a plastic ball against a wall and catch it over and over.

Some children that are effected are still social enough to have fun playing simple games with other kids. Tag and catch are a couple of examples. The therapist and child might play a game with a plastic bat and ball, taking turns hitting and catching. ABA therapy for kids can include activities each child feels most comfortable with.

Parents of autistic children can feel frustrated when their child seem to have no interest in play. It may seem strange to imagine that some kids need extensive encouragement and personalized attention just to play, but ABA therapists excel in this realm. Parents feel gratified seeing the child blossom.

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