The Importance Of Crop Protection Services

Crop protection is a term that refers to the science and practice of pest, plant disease and pest organism management in order to avoid damage to agricultural crops.

Pesticides play a crucial role in helping farmers to reduce the amount of damage to their crops that is caused by pests and to be able to increase their production of food.

Organisms that can damage or even compete with crop species are referred to as pests. These organisms can be responsible for the reduction of plant density, stunting the growth of plants and even killing them, as well damaging berries and otherwise reducing the quality or yield of agricultural products.

Agricultural pests come in the form of animals, fungus and plants that cause a reduction in crop yields, with pesticides that kill such pests being the most common method to eliminate or at least control them.

Pesticides cause biological or physical harm to such pests, damaging vital organs or interfering with biological processes including the likes of photosynthesis. Some pesticides can be sprayed on plants, which insects will then consume, or be otherwise indirectly applied.

According to data, 42% of the world’s agricultural crop yield is reduced by pests, with around half wasted because of weed damage, a quarter because of disease and another quarter because of the damage caused by pests.

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