The Importance of an Intriguing Display for a Store Front Window in Santa Clarita CA

A Store Front Window in Santa Clarita CA is the ideal place to display merchandise that entices potential customers to come in, browse around and make a purchase. This is an effective marketing strategy in addition to the store’s advertising and other promotional efforts. The window might be inside a mall or it might face the street.

Maximizing the Marketing Opportunity

Especially when there’s a street view, it’s important to maximize that window space as a marketing area. People inside a mall are probably already shopping, and they can be more inclined to casually wander into several stores they pass. That’s not always true of individuals strolling or hurrying along a sidewalk.

Organization and Variety

An attractive display in a Store Front Window in Santa Clarita CA should be well-organized. It may contain a variety of products but should not look cluttered. Everything should be presented in a creative way that catches the bypasser’s attention. The idea is to convince people to slow down or even stop. The display is intended to compel people to open that door and walk inside. They want to see more.


The person in charge of these displays will want to consider blends of colors, shapes, and sizes of items to make the effect aesthetically pleasing. Even when the store primarily focuses on one type of product line, such as shoes, a range of items can be placed on the window ledge and on display tables and shelving. The variations in height are interesting to potential customers. The person in charge will want to ask what might get somebody to come inside even if that individual was not planning to shop for shoes.

Window Style

The style of the window itself can add appeal. The owner of a commercial building who wants to add or improve front may find the existing windows too old or unattractive, or otherwise unsuitable. Contacting a contractor such as Palmdale Glass & Mirror Co. is a first step toward the chance for more effective marketing at the street level. Visit to see a gallery of photos and learn more about this particular company.

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