The Importance of AC Service in Cincinnati

The Importance of AC Service in Cincinnati

Many homeowners fail to recognize that maintaining their air conditioning unit with regular maintenance is as important as oil changes are to a car, or brushing one’s teeth is to oral health. AC units pull a lot of air through them on any given day of use, and lots and lots of air over a hot summer season. While most people do have intake filters, these are not always as effective as they could be, and many people are oblivious to the need to change these filters until they notice that something is wrong. Dust, hair, and debris gets trapped down inside the vents of the home and also travels to the AC unit itself, the part the filters are designed to protect. It is necessary to clean the condenser coils on at least an annual basis, to oil the fan motors and check the pressure and belts. The unit should be tested for coolant leaks and the coolant replaced, if necessary. (Any unit low on coolant uses a significant amount of additional energy in its attempt to produce the same level of cooling.)

Having an AC Service Cincinnati come and do this for your unit each year without a doubt saves you money. You save first of all, because when your unit runs efficiently, it produces more cold air for less energy, which results in lowered bills for you. You also save because regular AC Service prevents the need for costly repairs later on. Major components of AC units are not inexpensive. Cared for properly, they will run smoothly for many years. Abuse them, and they might just quit on you.

When should you have your AC unit serviced? It is a good idea to have it serviced in the off season of each year, either after the heat of summer has passed or before it has begun. Many service companies run service specials during these months. Service contractors benefit because they have work to perform during their off season, and they have one fewer unit to sweat and labor over when it quits completely, as always seems to happen, on the hottest day of the year.

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