The Different Types Of Shower Screens

The Different Types Of Shower Screens

A shower screen, especially a frameless screen is perhaps one of the most elegant additions that can be made to any bathroom. Bathroom remodelers in Bethesda are always excited to add a frameless shower screen as nothing adds more to the crisp, modern lines that many homeowners seek for their bathroom, not only are they extremely modern, the add a dimension of space to the smaller room. There are many different shapes and sizes of frameless shower screens; L-shaped, bi-fold and pivot screens are especially popular. There is no limitation to the glass that is used; it can be etched, sandblasted, tinted or simply clear.

Smaller bathrooms often are enhanced by installing an L-shaped screen. This screen consists of two panels, one coming from each wall to form an enclosure using two bathroom walls as well as the screen walls. One of the glass panels is fitted with a hinged door which is supported by the other panel. This design greatly enhances the feeling of space when there is little.

There are frameless shower screens which are suspended from a ceiling mounted rail; they slide back and forth almost like a barn door effect. In installations using this concept the bathroom remodelers in Bethesda will slightly recess the stall floor and slope the floor to a center drain, otherwise the entire floor could be flooded as there is no ledge or bottom step. For corners, an enclosure which has a bi-fold door is ideal. There is only a single opening and the door can be hung to open from either the left or the right. The glass panel doors fold inward on top of each other and then swing to one side, this design eliminates any possibility of water dripping onto the floor.

A very elegant design uses a pivot door. This is a door which mounts both on the top and the bottom of the glass panel. This arrangement allows the door to be swung inwards or out. The hinges that are used allows the door to rotate on its own axis, the opening of this design is the largest of all popular designs.

The beauty of any frameless shower stall is that they allow the floor and walls to be visible and shine through.

Shower remodelers in Bethesda are experts on all the different elements that go into making the perfect bathroom. You are invited to discuss your ideas with American Bath Inc.

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