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The boxers training routine is intense, the routine and the equipment they use is all designed to enhance and improve the physical ability of the boxer including agility, speed, skills and weight control on their feet. The goal of this intense training is to prepare the boxer for a fight by sending him into the ring in peak physical condition. Boxers also train to get their weight such that they can fight in certain classes. The type of training and the intensity all depends on level of completion, the fighters personal goals, and to work on the strengths and weaknesses exhibited. It is not rare to see non-boxers work some of the boxing routine into their workouts.

In the boxing gym there are a number of common components including various bags; the water filled heavy bag, double end and speed bags. An important part of the routine is to engage in calisthenics and shadowboxing in front of a full length wall hung mirror or sparring to simulate the true ring experience.

When you observe a boxer in full swing doing calisthenics you will see him go through sit up, dips and twists. The objective of sit ups and abdominal twists is to toughen the core which lessens the pain of a hard body hit. Dips on the other hand are designed to strengthen the chest and triceps.
One of the best ways to train is to engage another boxer in a sparring match. A sparring match simulates the ring experience however the potential of injury is lessened as the boxers wear mouth guards, head helmets which engage the face and gloves with more padding.

Endurance is something a fighter must prepare for as round after round of steady hitting and being hit can spa energy quickly. To enhance endurance, the boxer jogs and jumps rope for extended periods of time.

The routine that a boxer goes through depends a great deal on the experience and the level of competition. An occasional boxer or a boxer just setting out in a possible career usually boxer focus initially on working with the water filled heavy bag, the speed bag and the doubled ended bag. It is important that the new boxer manage and control the fundamentals of the sport before sparring and extensive road work.

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