The Components in Need of Refrigerator Repair in Richmond, VA

The Components in Need of Refrigerator Repair in Richmond, VA

Kitchen appliances are a major expense. Therefore, it is expected that they work perfectly all the time. However, they can break for a number reasons. Most of the time, the reason they break down is simple to fix. But since the average appliance like the refrigerator is a mystery to the homeowner, it is often better to seek out Affordable Home Appliance Repair than attempt the repair yourself by calling Home Appliance Service & Repair/HVAC. Refrigerators have a few areas in which they can fail in the cooling system.


One of the areas that require refrigerator repair in Richmond, VA is a failure of the compressor. The compressor is the piece of machinery that provides pressure to the gas in the system. If the compressor fails, the system won’t have a big enough change in temperature to cool off the refrigerator. This means that the refrigerator can’t maintain its temperature properly. You may notice a rise in temperature or food spoiling much quicker than normal.

Another system that is a much easier fix that can fail is the thermostat. Your refrigerator may have a couple of them. There is the main thermostat that regulates the temperature of the upper compartments. Then there is one for the fruit or vegetable compartments. If the main thermostat fails, then it can’t maintain the proper temperature in your fridge. The fix could be as simple as swapping out thermostats. This is usually a pretty cheap repair.

The expansion valve is another component that will need refrigerator repair in Richmond, VA if it fails. The expansion valve is what allows the high pressure coolant into the lower pressure area to begin the rapid cool down process of the refrigerant. If the expansion valve fails, the system will not have the adequate difference in pressure to start the cooling process.
If the refrigerator fails to maintain its cool, there could be a number of different reasons for this. Only an investigation can reveal the reason of the failure. Sometimes, the problem is a very simple fix. Often, it is cheaper to try and fix it than it is to replace the entire refrigerator.

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