The Choice Between Assisted Living or Residential Community Living in Retirement Housing Omaha

by | May 16, 2013 | Business

As retirement approaches, most people not only look onto their future for days filled with leisure and relaxation, but many also look for new housing opportunities. Staying in the neighborhood where the working years were spent is often not a desired option. Retirement communities have been developed around the nation to include a living experience that takes retirees far beyond shuffleboard and other cliche retirement activities. When considering retirement housing, there are two main types that are often chosen from, an assisted living facility, or a residential retirement community. Both types of retirement housing in Omaha offer a similar sense of community among residents, but in different ways.

In an assisted living facility, residents can choose between different levels of care based on the unique needs of the individual. Some residents may need constant care and assistant with the habits of daily life, such as bathing, eating, or general movements. In that case, that portion of an assisted living facility functions much like a hospital where nurses and doctors are permanently on staff and available at all hours. Other residents of an assisted living facility may only need assistance in emergency cases, or due to recent health issues, and in that case the assisted living facility appears more like an apartment complex or dormitory for retirees. Assisted living facilities generally offer resident only activities that can be done within the complex, such as art activities or dance. The other type of retirement housing Omaha, is a residential retirement community which emulates any general subdivision or gated community, the difference being that there is an age requirement for residents. These types of communities generally have access to resident only activities such as golf courses or aquatic areas, and some are fully independent communities in which grocery stores, fire departments, and in some cases hospitals are all found within the gates of the community. In addition, there are also retirement housing communities that offer both the assisted living facility, and residential retirement housing. These communities are typically quite large in size, some boasting over 100,000 homes, and are usually fully independent communities. Choosing a type of retirement community in which to reside is a choice that can be very personal and may involve decision makers other than the retiree. Luckily, there are many options to choose from when it comes to retirement housing.

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