The Best Lawn Care Will Make Your Yard a Showpiece

The Best Lawn Care Will Make Your Yard a Showpiece

The special care given to your lawn by a professional lawn care service is the basis of creating a beautiful lawn. Cutting the grass is important and cutting it with a sharp blade mower makes a big difference. The lawn needs to be cut at a certain height and the height may vary with the weather.

The lawn care service will be looking for signs of disease and infestations of damaging insects.

Tending to these areas properly will make a huge difference in the look of the yard. Brown spots will be dealt with promptly. The Best Lawn Care will keep the homeowner advised of when its time to water more and fertilize.

Keeping the edges of the lawn trimmed will add to the professional appearance of the yard. This is done by an electric or gas powered edger. This will be a step that will give the yard the best look overall.

Killing weeds is a process that starts in the early spring with a pre-emergence application which will keep weeds and particularly crabgrass out of the yard all season. There may be spots where weeds will grow and these will be picked by hand.

The yard will need to be fertilized throughout the season and this is a process that will require the selection of fertilizer which is good for the time of the season. Fertilizer is important for healthy grass so it is essential that good fertilizer be used. At the end of the growing season, it is necessary to put down a fertilizer which will help the grass through the winter months. The Best Lawn Care knows how to do this.

It is a good idea to take soil samples from different parts of the yard. A cup will suffice. Send this off to a company which analyzes soil to determine if the soils need to be amended . This is very possible with any yard. Amending the soil will keep it in good shape and provide a soil for growing healthy grass. Often, there are adjustments needed by the soild to change the chemical composition of the soil.

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