The Benefits of Using Slitting Equipment

The Benefits of Using Slitting Equipment

A slitter rewinder is a machine used to convert film, foil, paper or other materials from a large, wide roll of material into many smaller, thinner rolls. Slitter equipment works by unwinding a mill roll or master roll and continues the process by slicing or slitting the unwound materials. Once the material has been resized, the machine completes its process by rewinding the material into new rolls.

Slitting rewinder equipment has benefits including the capability to produce quality finished rolls for many types of materials and end uses. Newer technology provides speed, uniformity, and higher production rates. There are a variety of slitting machines to meet the diverse manufacturing needs in today’s market. A converter can choose among machine styles that offer different winding methods, slitting methods, designs and features suited for different material and process requirements.

Additionally, certain slitter rewinders can now do more than slit and rewind. A growing trend is for slitting equipment to include capabilities like inspecting unwound materials, cleaning, printing, or applying labels to finished rolls. Multi-tasking where practical can help converters do more with a single machine and streamline operations.

One should consider the cost and expenses of owning a slitting machine before purchasing one. This includes evaluating space and operating requirements as well as the return on investment. An alternative is to outsource slitting services. If you’re considering purchasing a slitter rewinder, work closely with a machinery vendor to examine production needs and determine what technologies and capabilities would be cost effective and a worthwhile investment.

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