The Benefits of Truly Loving Your Smile

When a person does not like their smile, they use tricks to try to hide their teeth. They may avoid smiling and laughing in public. If they do laugh and smile, they cover their mouth so their teeth are not seen. More times than not, they maintain a serious expression on their face because they are worried that someone will accidentally see their teeth.

When a person has a smile that they don’t love, it causes stress that can impact their social and professional life. Orthodontic specialists in St. Augustine have seen firsthand the impact that having an unattractive smile can have on a person. They have also seen the positive impact an attractive smile can have a person and their self-esteem.

There are a number of reasons, outside of purely cosmetic ones, for person to talk to orthodontic specialists in St. Augustine if they have issues with their smile. When a person smiles, they relieve stress. Just putting their mouth in the shape of the smile is enough to cause their brain to release endorphins.

Smiling is physically easier on a person than frowning. It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. Smiling is understood around the world. People who don’t speak the same language still understand what a smile means.

Because of the pleasurable thoughts and emotions associated with smiling, people who smile are viewed as attractive and sociable. There is research that shows that people who are happy with their smile get promoted more often and find more potential romantic partners.

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