The Benefits of Pet Laser Therapy in Lorton VA

As pets age, they experience the same health issues as humans. This often involves conditions like inflamed muscles due to a recurring injury, slipping discs in the back or hips, or just common arthritis. All of these conditions can now be treated by Pet Laser Therapy in Lorton VA, a painless procedure that uses low-level light to heal while the pet rests comfortably.

The Benefits of Technology

Laser therapy uses specific frequencies of light to affect damaged areas on a cellular level. Rather than resort to invasive surgery, many veterinary clinics are now utilizing this technology to heal pets without risking undue stress on the body or the possible effects of anesthesia. Applied over a series of appointments, the pet will heal without having to be hospitalized.

Immediate Test Results

There are many times that a pet is experiencing an illness, but the symptoms don’t pinpoint a specific problem. This is why finding a clinic that has an on-site laboratory can make such a difference. Pets can have blood work evaluated in a matter of minutes versus the days it can take to ship the sample to an outside lab and ultrasounds or x-rays can be administered immediately with very little wait time for the results. Decreasing the time between testing and diagnosis can make all the difference for an ailing pet.

Permanent Identification

In addition to all of the treatment services that offices like Crosspointe Animal Hospital provide, pet owners can also take advantage of their microchipping process to help secure the safe return if their pet gets lost. This painless procedure inserts a small microchip into the back of a pet’s neck where it can be scanned by other veterinary clinics as well as rescue shelters to identify the name of the animal and all pertinent contact information for the owner.

Regular Visits Keep Ailments at Bay

The best way to avoid the need for Pet Laser Therapy in Lorton VA is by taking a pet for regular checkups. During these visits, the staff will administer any necessary vaccinations, do full-body evaluations to ensure that nothing looks swollen or out of place, clip the nails, and administer parasite tests. All of these basic procedures help keep potential ailments from appearing while allowing the pet to live a healthy, happy life. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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