The Benefits of LED Canopy Lighting Fixtures

The Benefits of LED Canopy Lighting Fixtures

Besides accessibility, fuel prices, and necessity, do you know why some drivers choose to stop at your gas station and why others do not? Is it because of your lighting? Maybe it is time for you to upgrade your gas station to LED lighting. LED canopy lighting fixtures are environmentally friendly, economical, maintenance-free alternatives to normal lighting. If you own a gas station, LED canopy lighting fixtures will help you save money on your electric bills and protect your employees from the potential dangers that occur due to leakage of electricity or gas that effect traditional light fixtures. For the past several years, most service stations running 24 hours a day used expensive High Intensity Discharge (HID) fixtures for the lights in the canopy. HIDs use 175W to 400W of energy, but lose lumen output over time when using the same amount of power.

Needless to say, they are a waste of money and energy for less performance. HIDs require a ballast, which means more maintenance for you. Once you calculate the costs of changing a broken fixture, daily energy usage, and maintenance, you will clearly see how HID lights have an expensive cost-of-ownership. An LED fixture lasts 20 times longer, uses 80 percent less energy, emits virtually no heat, reduces maintenance, and comes with a warranty of up to five years. LED fixtures emit light that is significantly brighter than high pressure sodium light fixtures -; a crisp, clean white light similar to natural sunlight.

Moreover, the new fixtures focus light directly on the intended area, with little to no light bleeding outside the canopy. High pressure sodium lights last three to four years, while LED lights last about 30 years or 100,000 hours operating between 8-10 hours a day. Certified data from Lighting Sciences, Inc., an independent testing laboratory, showed that 96 LEDs had a total lumen output of 8,270 operating at standard current and 107 watts. LEDs use 50 to 90 percent less power than traditional lighting and are easy to install. All fixtures in the market have undergone and passed ETL certification tests to UL standards. An additional benefit is the fixtures come with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. Browse to know more.

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