The Benefits of Elder Care in Louisville, KY

The Benefits of Elder Care in Louisville, KY

Is your loved one in need of elderly care and assistance? If so, nursing homes and assisted living centers are not your only option. You can get caregivers to provide in-home care for your loved one. You can get Elder Care in Louisville, KY. Acti-Kare of Louisville provides such services for your loved one in your home. There are many benefits of doing such.

  • You get the obvious advantage of the care going on in your home. You or your loved one gets to keep the things around them that are familiar to them, that favorite chair, a backyard garden and other things dear to him.
  • You get personal one-on-one care, getting 100% of the time and care.
  • In-home health care is affordable. It costs less to keep your loved one at home than in a nursing facility or an assisted living center.
  • Your loved one gets to maintain his or her independence and confidence in their own surrounding, as well as comfort.
  • In-home elder care offers family support and participation.
  • You get to maintain your peace of mind as everything is centrally located at home. You are always accessible and have the knowledge that your loved one is getting optimal care.

Acti-Kare of Louisville, Kentucky will provide personal care, which includes grooming, bathing, hygiene assistance and feeding assistance, home services, which includes light housekeeping, meal preparation and cleanup, laundry and errand assistance, and even pet care. They provide the right care for your loved one. They offer companionship in areas such as transportation to and from appointments, meetings and worship services, gardening, assisting with crafts and hobbies, medication reminders, wake-up calls, planning outings and visits, grocery shopping, and other care giving not mentioned.

It is important to get the right team providing care for your loved one, someone you can trust, depend and rely upon, just as if you were there. It is important to have someone who will lend a helping hand when you need it. Call upon the team who will provide these things for you. When you need Elder Care in Louisville, KY, call Acti-Kare of Louisville, or you can contact them at their website,

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