The Advantage Of Living In Luxury Hotel Condos In NYC

The Advantage Of Living In Luxury Hotel Condos In NYC

No matter where you live you want your home to be beautiful, stylish and a true representation of what you value and enjoy. Choosing to live in one of the top luxury hotel condos in NYC gives you this option that will be reflected from the exterior of the building all the way through the entire building design, art and details.

For many people that have not seen or experienced what is offered in luxury hotel condos in NYC it can be a bit difficult to imagine. However, if you think about the services and amenities offered at a top hotel in the city then you have a good idea of what you can expect on a daily basis. Unlike a hotel the luxury hotel condos in NYC really are a part of you and you are a part of the community as a whole. Shared common spaces expand your already spacious residence and allow you to spend time enjoy the nightlife or having a wonderful meal just a short distance from where you live.

Services Designed for You

Having a range of highly personalized services is just one of the benefits of living in luxury hotel condos in NYC. These personalized services are designed to make your life a simple and easy as you want. Since they are fully customized you get to control while options you use and how you want the services provided.

Typical services that residents of luxury hotel condos in NYC will have the option to use include a range of full in-house cleaning services, allowing your residence to be professionally cleaned for you at your convenience.

Other services include valet parking, car services available at your request, 24 hour security, concierge services available around the clock and pet care services. You can literally have any task from dry cleaning and laundry to buying your groceries completed with people that you know and trust.

Proximity to Attractions

The top luxury hotel condos in NYC are also close to major attractions. Central Park, luxury premium shopping, museums, restaurants and entertainment and cultural venues are all just a short distance away from these buildings.

Living in the heart of New York is all part of the experience you can expect with luxury hotel condos in NYC. Beautiful views, amazing designs and a true taste of luxury are just part of what you will immediately enjoy once you move in.

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