The ABC’s Of Breast Reduction In Naperville

Enlarged male breasts, also known as gynecomastia, can be quite frustrating for the average man. Many gynecomastia patients record phases of lowered self-confidence, emotional discomfort, and frustrations. Cosmetic surgery has been instrumental in figuring out solutions for the condition. Male breast reduction in Naperville is an effective remedy for male enlarged breasts. Do you want to know about the procedure? Read on.

Are you the right candidate for breast reduction?

Overdeveloped breasts in men can be as a result of hereditary conditions, use of steroids and other drugs, weight gain or hormonal changes. Enlarged breasts in men are evident, and if left uncorrected, the breast tissues may begin to sag. The condition could affect both breasts. A physical examination will confirm if you need a male breast reduction in Naperville. It is best done when the breasts are fully developed as an adult.

What to expect

Male breast reduction in Naperville may be conducted through surgical removal of the breast tissues, liposuction, or both.

  • Liposuction- the treatment involves breaking down the excess fat deposits in the breast area and suctioning them out using a specialized suction tool. Normally, it is recommended when the breast tissue has excess fatty deposits alongside surgery.
  • Surgical removal- surgery is recommended when your cosmetic surgeon deems it right to remove the excess skin and breast tissue to correct the overdevelopment of the breasts.

In some cases, your cosmetic surgeon will recommend coupling the two techniques during breast reduction.

If you feel you need to correct the size of your breasts, feel free to reach Center For Cosmetic & Laser Surgery. Our website holds a lot of information about various cosmetic treatments.

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