Teeth cleaning and whitening in Johannesburg

Teeth whitening is one of the most universally valued and common cosmetic dentistry treatment option preferred to enhance a flawless smile due to its affordability. Whitening treatment options are available in form of whitening sessions by the dentist or using at-home treatment option. These options satisfy every budget, temperament or time frame of a client. Certain foods and habits like smoking are known to cause discoloration and staining of the teeth. Teeth whitening solution oversees substantial brightening of the smile in such cases. It is not necessary to have a change of habit to whiten the teeth although it is recommended prolonged maintenance since teeth whitening is not permanent. Whitening options in Johannesburg include;

  • In-Office whitening

The main advantage of in-office whitening is the significant change in color after a short period of time. The procedure involves high-concentration peroxide gel which is administered carefully to the teeth by the dentist after protecting the gums with paint-on-rubber dam. For several 20 minute intervals, the peroxide generally remains on the teeth up to an hour at most. Particularly stubborn staining is booked for further additional whitening sessions. The cost is 650$ per visit on average.

  • Over the counter products

Of the teeth whitening options, the cheapest method is over the counter bleaching. It involves a low concentration bleaching gel which is featured in the whitening kit. It is applied via paint-on, strips or fit-all-trays method. In many cases, this method is mostly applied to whiten the front teeth. It, on average, costs from 20$ to 100$.

  • At-home professional whitening kits

A dentist might recommend using a professionally dispensed at-home whitening kit. The bleaching agent is normally in high concentration than over the counter products and tends to produce results much quicker. The added advantage is a supervised treatment plan by a dental professional. The gel is applied using bleaching trays and the procedure costs around 100$-400$.

  • Laser whitening

Whitening of the teeth with a laser is also an effective method of removing teeth stains quickly. It is very efficient as it can whiten the teeth in up to ten shades in a span of an hour. You should consult an authorized dentist if interested in this procedure.

Over time, teeth yellow with age due to acquiring of pigmentation and extrinsic stain inside the teeth as a result of consuming certain foods and beverages. Practicing of good oral hygiene like brushing, using mouthwash and flossing are essential for removing built-up dental plaque and whitening of the teeth. Teeth are not perfectly white by nature and could be improved by whitening using the various methods of removing extrinsic strains. Emergency dentists and cosmetic dentists specializing in teeth whitening in Johannesburg include;

Dr. Zenat Amod based in Bedfordview, Johannesburg at Nicol Dental Studio. Services provided are teeth whitening, dental care and services, oral surgery and teeth replacement. This is according to his website.

Dr. A Kanjee situated in Marshalltown, Johannesburg. According to his website, the dentist provides a variety of services including teeth whitening, dental therapy, teeth replacement, dental practices and oral surgery.

Dr. Ian Josselsohn in Parktown North, Johannesburg. Located at Jan Smuts Avenue, Parktown, the dentist specializes in a range of services including cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening and all required dental services according to his website.

Acids weaken the tooth enamel and it is important to wait a while after consuming acidic foods before brushing the teeth so as not to damage the enamel in its weakened state. Adding certain foods into your diet like apples, cucumbers, cauliflower, pears, carrots and celery can help eliminate bacteria and keep the teeth cleaner and whiter.

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