Technology for Seniors

Technology for Seniors

Even though the latest gadgets—ranging from tablets to mobile phones—are often associated with the younger generation, seniors can also take advantage of these technologies. Many seniors actually already do, as these technologies enable them to remain connected with the rest of society, stay linked to their families and feel engaged in their worlds. This article explains some of the most popular technologies that meet senior citizens’ needs in addition to adding to their lives.

Physical and Mental Exercise Technology
Although most people likely don’t see their grandmothers playing a Nintendo Wii or Xbox game very often, playing video games just might help them to live longer and remain sharper mentally. A gaming system that is motion-controlled provides enjoyable opportunities to take part in light exercise. Retirement living communities are increasingly recognizing the benefits of these gaming systems for promoting physical activity among seniors. In addition, video games can help with memory, and also enhance visual spatial recognition.

Social Media
While physical activity is imperative to one’s health, staying socially connected is also paramount. Using services such as Skype and other video chat technologies can help you to keep in touch with family members and friends who may live far away. In addition, social media sites, such as Facebook, and email allow you to stay abreast of what’s going on in loved ones’ lives by viewing their photos and big family announcements. If you’re not comfortable with using modern technologies, a senior center in your local area or even a technologically savvy family member can easily help you to get started.

Safety Devices
One other important technology for seniors—an emergency response system—can be life-saving. The personal system allows you to call someone for assistance simply by pushing a button. This is a convenient way to get immediate attention if you end up having an emergency while alone. The device is especially critical for those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and have a tendency to wander. Today’s plethora of technologies, ranging from social media to safety systems, truly can make people’s lives more fulfilling all around way during their senior years.

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