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Throughout the state of Ohio, individuals can attend their initial and follow-up visits with a medical marijuana doctor through telemedicine. This is a simple way to participate in the appointment from the comfort of home. There is a requirement for the patient to be on video and have audio. Most cell phones, laptops, and tablets have this capability.

As part of the process to obtain the necessary medical card to purchase medical marijuana at a dispensary in the state, the medical marijuana doctor completes a file and documentation review, obtains information on current health conditions and medications, or completes the diagnosis of a qualifying condition. After this, the medical marijuana doctor makes a recommendation for medical marijuana by filing the required information on the Ohio state registry. The next step is for the patient to click on the link provided in an email to pay the fee and complete the process. A temporary card is provided by email, allowing the patient to visit any dispensary in the state.

Asking Questions

At the first appointment or a follow-up appointment with your medical marijuana doctor, asking questions to help you with any concerns you may have is time well spent. Patients new to the use of medical marijuana may find their first visit to a dispensary after they obtain their medical card overwhelming. While dispensary staff can be of assistance, talking to your medical marijuana doctor can also help clarify the different options, strains, and formulations of medical marijuana to consider.

It is helpful to keep a list of questions to ask when applying for or renewing a medical card in Ohio. This is a simple way to use your time with the medical marijuana doctor effectively.

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