Take a Break and Check Out Brake Service in Boulder, CO

Take a Break and Check Out Brake Service in Boulder, CO

Brakes are one of the key features in automotive safety. Unfortunately, brakes and brake pads do not last for an indefinite amount of time. Neglecting a vehicle’s brake pads can lead to accidents, vehicle damage, and death. The most horrifying scenario is not being able to stop when pushing the brake pedal down flat. Fortunately, there are ways to check if a vehicle needs new brake pads or a brake inspection. This article will cover those ways and the requirements for judging automotive shops in Boulder, Colorado, that are applicable to any brake shop, regardless of location.

The main indicator of brake pad wear and tear is a screeching sound when the vehicle is coming to a halt. This metallic noise is generally created by metal tab wear indicators on the brake pads that come in contact with the rotor at a certain point in the pad’s life span. One can also have a mechanic inspect for wear and tear during a yearly or bi-annual vehicle inspection. During this inspection, mechanics will often remove the tire and measure the brake pads for even wear. Uneven wear often relies on how the owner drives the vehicle and which section of the vehicle is heavier. It is important in inspections to check both the front and back pads of the vehicle.

When checking out any brake service in Boulder, CO, ask for an initial quote and estimation of the time that the job will take. Some shops are upfront about their services and are willing to answer any questions the customer may have regarding the service, methods, and factors that can contribute to brake wear and tear. For the best result, choose shops that are willing to educate customers. One such brake service in Boulder is called Spruce Street 4X4. This auto repair and service shop can be reached online at Visit the website Brake services offered by this shop include fluid exchange, pad replacement, rotor replacement and resurfacing, antilock brake system (ABS) service and repair, and drum and rotor servicing. Prospective customers can call and set up an appointment or contact this shop via email to receive special coupons and promotions.

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