Stump Grinding in Fort Myers FL Will Provide A Safe and Beautiful Yard

Occasionally, trees are cut down leaving an unsightly stump. There isn’t a good reason for leaving the stump in the yard and many reasons as to why it will be a good idea to have the stump removed by someone who knows the process. By hiring Stump Grinding in Fort Myers FL, the homeowner’s yard will quickly become a safer place for all to enjoy.

A Tree Stump Is Hazardous To All Who Enter The Yard

Leaving a tree stump behind after removing a tree can be quite dangerous. They are severe tripping hazards and therefore a danger to anyone who walks into the yard. Stumps also pose a danger to lawnmowers. The person cutting the lawn may not see the stump until the lawnmower blade is damaged by riding over it. The stump poses a danger to children riding on toys and bikes. The elderly may not see the stump while taking a walk. The yard is a safer place with all stumps removed.

Decaying Stumps Attract Insects

Another reason to rid a yard of unsightly stumps is the bugs they attract. Decaying wood is a great home for insects. This includes termites. This particular pest is very destructive and not one that should find its way into a home. If pests are in the yard, they can get into a home.

Old Tree Stumps Can Actually Revive Themselves

Some species of trees will try to rejuvenate themselves. This can create an ugly sight with shoots of the tree going off in different directions from the ground. It means constant pruning and vigilance. It is best to hire Stump Grinding in Fort Myers FL to remove the stump.

Removing stumps in the yard should be an extension of removing the tree. When left behind old tree stumps can create a host of problems. It is much safer for all who enter the yard to do so without the threat of tripping on the stump or carrying parasites into the home. Stumps can be removed by contacting a company such as This will not only make the landscaping more attractive but provide a safer yard as well.

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