Straighter Teeth The Invisible Way With Invisalign Dentists In Des Plaines

Straighter Teeth The Invisible Way With Invisalign Dentists In Des Plaines

The use of orthodontic braces on patients used to be reserved for teenagers and those middle school children just about to enter their teen years. Their permanent teeth had grown in with problems that were correctable prior to them reaching full adult size. These problems included crowded or crooked teeth. Or their bite may have been under or over what it should have been to considered normal. Heavy metal braces known as “rail road tracks” were laced across their teeth and were often made worse by linking rubber bands.

Today’s dental patient is more likely to be an adult who needs to remake their smile and wants to best possible aesthetic result while continuing to live their life to the fullest. This can be accomplished while wearing the most up to date type of braces that are invisible and can rarely be detected by anyone other than the patient themselves and their dentist. These can found by seeing Invisalign Dentists in Des Plaines who are experienced in working with this modern dental device. Clear and comfortable patients can both straighten their teeth and never feel self conscious in their career or social life.

Sumeet Bagai, DDS is one of the Invisalign Dentists in Des Plaines who makes his profession one in which patients can expect the highest level of general and cosmetic dentistry at all levels. The many treatments and procedures that he performs at his office can be found on his web pages located at In addition this dentist can also be called on whenever patients have an emergency that just can not wait. Dental team members will always try to schedule patients having pain or problems with same day appointments whenever possible.

Perhaps most exciting to patients is learning that their teeth can be whitened professionally in the doctor’s office with a Zoom tooth whitening treatment. Years of stains and the results of smoking can be erased in an office procedure and later with follow up care at home. Patients who were previously embarrassed about their smile can now rest assured that a new youthful look was all theirs.

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