Staging Tips to Help Sell Your Home in Austin

by | Dec 27, 2011 | Real Estate Services

In the real estate world, it’s no secret that it’s currently a buyer’s market, and while that’s fantastic news if you’re ready to buy your new home at a bargain price, it can be frustrating and heart-breaking if you need to sell yours. Fortunately, there are several simple and affordable things you can do to put your home ahead of the competition. Try painting your living areas in cool, neutral colors to give them a fresh, modern look that also makes them feel more open and inviting. Make use of natural light and high-wattage light bulbs wherever you can, and invest in a few well-placed air fresheners to create a pleasant ambiance for people when they arrive. More importantly, keep your home as clean and clutter- free as possible! Real estate agents agree that basic cleanliness is the most critical factor in selling a home quickly and for top dollar. Although these tips may seem like common sense, you might be surprised by how many people fail to implement them during the selling process. However, following them can be the difference between selling your home at a profit and not selling it at all.


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