Solar Garden Stakes Offer Multiple Benefits

by | Sep 13, 2012 | Business

Using floodlights in your garden or landscaping often may not produce the desired effect and can be somewhat comparable to using a microwave oven for roasting marshmallows or a baseball bat for a toothpick. There is too much light. Other alternatives may be more suitable but are used infrequently because of the cost of electricity. Solar stakes that are energized by light from the sun provide an alternative that solves both problems simultaneously.

The primary benefit that most people will name when they use solar stakes in their gardens or yards comes at the end of the month when they receive their electrical bill. Since the battery is energized by the sun throughout the day, it is fully charged when the sun sets to softly illuminate your garden space throughout the night. That means no expensive electric bills for energy costs.

A corollary benefit of using solar stakes is, of course, the minimal cost to the environment.  There is probably some negligible impact produced when a solar stake is used, but it is so miniscule that it is as close to nothing at all when compared with the energy used when outdoor lights are plugged into electrical grids. Those who are environmentally concerned may find this to be the primary benefit and the lower bill secondary; others may feel that the converse is the case.

Installing solar stakes for use does not take a lot of expertise. Putting them in a place where it is shady all day would be a mistake. If you put them in the sun during the day, however, you can move them in the evening when they have been energized by solar power.  You never have to worry about the placement of electrical cords, whether your lights are plugged in or the aesthetic qualities of wiring in your garden.  Moreover, the lights are extremely portable since there is no dependence on a wall socket.

Most solar stakes are equipped with light sensors that will activate the lights when the lack of sunlight is detected. When more light becomes available at dawn, the lights will also trigger off and begin the process of storing energy again. There is also an option to switch most stakes on and off via switch at will.

Bad weather does not normally damage solar stakes because they are made to be durable and weatherproof. Unless you live in a southern state and have a hurricane, or in the Midwest and suffer directly from a tornado, most stormy weather will not damage your solar stakes. They do not need any particular kind of special maintenance to keep them running efficiently either.

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