Socially Responsible, Socially Distanced Birthday Greetings That Are Fun

Socially Responsible, Socially Distanced Birthday Greetings That Are Fun

Pre-pandemic you might have shown up on someone’s birthday with gifts, flowers, balloons, etc.. Now, you’re supposed to stay away and just call or video-chat. It’s not the same, and it definitely isn’t as much fun. One Colorado company has the perfect solution to make people smile on their birthdays, bring a little fun to the birthday person, and still be socially responsible and socially distanced.

Yard Greeting Cards in Brighton, CO

Yard greeting cards in Brighton, CO, offer you a lot of fun ways to make anyone’s birthday, anniversary, baby announcement, wedding announcement, etc., a very public and delightful event. These decorations are put up in the recipient’s yard before he or she wakes up for work, and taken down after work in the evening so that he/she can enjoy it. The whole neighborhood can get in on it by honking or having a drive-by party to go with the yard greeting card.

Helium Balloons Can Be Added, Weather Permitting

If it’s not a particularly cold, hot, stormy, or snowy day, helium-filled balloons can be tied to the top or ends of the yard greeting cards. That way, you are still sending balloons for the event, but you don’t have to be there in person. Many of the accompanying decorative parts to these unique occasion signs are glittery and quite colorful. They are sure to please just as much as a giant balloon bouquet.

Contact Yardagrams in Brighton today via their website, to get a quote on the sign you would like to send.

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