Smile Freely With General Dentistry In Franklin, NC

Smile Freely With General Dentistry In Franklin, NC

Despite the many upgrades and innovations in the field of dentistry, there are still people who are apprehensive about making that yearly appointment. They put it off and later come to regret acting like a child. However, this is far from unusual for a good part of the population. Perhaps when they were children they did not receive the warmth, care and concern from a dentist that they should have. This fear makes for a lifelong excuse into not taking care of one’s teeth. That is completely unnecessary, especially when you consider that an entirely different kind of dentist is right in the neighborhood.

General dentistry in Franklin, NC can be taken care of in a relaxing and comfortable office environment under the watchful services of James O. Redmond DDS. Working with his skilled team at Appalachian Dental Associates, they have taken cosmetic and general dentistry in Franklin, NC to new levels of excellence.

Patients arrive at their offices and can relax in their inviting waiting area. They can be sure that any appointment they have booked with the dentist will be as stress free as it can be. Exams are accomplished by the dentist and dental technicians so that any problems can be explored and each tooth can be charted for future study. Most patients have at least professional cleaning a year from a dental hygienist to remove plaque and debris they would not be able to do with their own toothbrushes. Even x-rays are taken with state of the art methods that are minimally invasive.

Once the preliminary work has been done, the Dr. Redmond can discuss any more complex issues that may be at hand. This can be as simple as a filling or more advanced as a root canal. As a patient, you can ask about cosmetic dental procedures you may be interested in. This may concern veneers to cover a cracked tooth or a crown to fill in where a tooth may be missing. Whatever your concern, with their experienced dental team at your side your past fears of going to the dentist will be over.

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