Smart Property Owners Know the Value of Parking Lot Seal Coating in Boston, MA

Smart Property Owners Know the Value of Parking Lot Seal Coating in Boston, MA

If a commercial property owner notices that their asphalt is turning gray and powdery, then they should hire a Parking Lot Seal Coating Boston, MA company immediately. That gray powder is actually their parking lot pavement oxidizing. That means that the pavement is showing signs of aging. Sand and aggregates are separating from the asphalt. The result is a brittle layer than can easily crack. Water will be able to seep into the layers of the pavement. As temperatures cool during a harsh New England winter this water will freeze and expand the pavement. Then when spring comes, it will thaw and contract leaving the expanded pavement without support.

Sealcoating will rejuvenate this parking lot if the owner takes fast action. An expert Parking Lot Seal Coating Boston MA company will know the right material to brush on the pavement surface. The property owner will be pleased to see the way the sealcoating materials make their parking lot look. Customers will see a well-maintained parking area with bright white lines and directional arrows. It sends a message that the owner takes pride in their property and has the money to maintain it. However, if the owner does not heed the warning of oxidized pavement, they may well have to install a new parking lot.

Adequate Pavement Maintenance Boston area can be a challenge. Property owners must act aggressively prior to a winter storm. Usually this means pre-treating a parking lot with chemicals to prevent sleet turning to ice. Then, once the snow arrives, plows have to constantly move through the lot to give customers and employees access. The chemicals can weaken asphalt and the plows can chip it. Therefore it’s a good idea for a professional Parking Lot Seal Coating Boston MA contractor to inspect a parking lot every spring. Their expert eyes can see small lines and cracks that will allow water to seep into the layers of the asphalt.

The contractor can either just fill in the cracks or brush a layer of sealcoating over the entire pavement area. Of course, the second action will also require that the parking space lines and directional arrows be repainted. Regular maintenance can double the life of a parking lot. So, investing in routine maintenance pays off over many years.

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