Simplify Medicare Preventive Services in Your Medical Practice

Simplify Medicare Preventive Services in Your Medical Practice

If you are a physician who treats Medicare patients, you are well aware of the obstacles and challenges that both you and your patients face when it comes to Medicare. These issues can be very stressful as it may sometimes interfere with the care of your patients. These obstacles and challenges are actually a thing of the past. You can now properly diagnose and treat your Medicare patients with ease. The answer is Medicare preventive services programs that are now available to make the process hassle free.

Medicare preventive services are the actual foundation required to properly care for and treat your Medicare patients. When a Medicare patient is newly introduced to your practice, that first examination should be a very careful and thorough one. One reason there are complications when it comes to certain benefits paid for through Medicare is that a thorough and accurate initial wellness exam was not completed in the first place. This means that all of your patient’s medical conditions or possible medical conditions were not properly reported.

When the patient’s medical history is not provided accurately, it fails to allow you to create a correct treatment plan. These inconsistencies will only get your Medicare claims denied. With a Medicare preventive services software program, you will be able to easily and accurately discover all of your patient’s current medical conditions in addition to any possible new ones that would require attention and possibly an ongoing treatment plan. The Medicare preventive services program is very user friendly and will be used by you and your staff in addition to your patients.

When your patients make their initial visit, they will fill out a survey. The questions are about pre-existing medical conditions as well as any new concerns they may have. From there, you will receive the data to view. This information will help you during the physical exam. This system will also create a recommended 5 year treatment plan. If the patient accepts and you begin treatment, all of the correct reports will assist you when it comes to billing for the initial visit and the entire treatment plan.

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