Simple Comparison of Heat Pumps In Peachtree City and HVAC Units

In some climates perhaps having Heat Pumps Peachtree City systems are more cost efficient than buying complete heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. If you know some of the basics as to how the system works, how you can best maintain them on your own, and when to pay for a technician, you can save a lot of money and be more efficient with your energy consumption.

First understand what a heat pump is and what it isn’t. A heat pump will be able to pull in the cool air over a heated radiator and the output will be heated air. While this is of course a relatively easy explanation, you should not be confused by the bigger systems that have more parts. In essence they all do the same thing. There is a water tank that it is heated up with a pilot light and the system pulls in the cold air, through the heated radiator and the output is hot air.

So what if you only have a heat pump and the weather is getting warm enough to require some sort of ventilation in your house or a cooling system? Then heat pump installation in Peachtree City will still be able to get your house to a somewhat cooler point as well. The same design that brings in the cold air and runs it through a hot radiator can be done in reverse. Simplistically speaking, it will draw the hot air in and expel it outside. You will be left with a cooler temperature inside because the heat pump is pumping out the heated air.

The major difference you will have between a heat pump system and a heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems is the thermostat. While there are various types of thermostats for each system, they work relatively the same. For a heat pump you have something that is more comparable to what a light switch is in your house. You can either turn it on or turn it off. For a complete HVAC unit you have the adjustments to you can make to make it a prescribed temperature for your optimum living temperature conditions. Contact Hammond Services for more information.

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