Signs You May Need Gambling Addiction Treatment in Holton, KS

When most people think about addiction, the first things that comes to mind are drugs and alcohol. Addiction to drugs and alcohol often have both mental and physical symptoms. It is a common misperception that gambling addiction doesn’t exist because it is perceived to be totally psychological. Here are a few signs that you or a loved one may need Gambling Addiction Treatment in Holton KS.

Chasing Losses

Many gambling addicts use the excuse that they are just trying to win back the money they lost. When the addict wins money, they feel a rush of adrenaline and euphoria. Just like someone who abuses drugs, they are looking for that “high” again. Chasing this high creates a vicious circle filled with far more lows than high points. Just like other addicts, they can go on binges that result in days and money lost before they know it.

Borrowing and Lying

When the addict runs out of money, they have the tendency to make up stories to compel people to lend them money. It may be a car repair, a medical emergency, or something similar. Just like any other addict, they don’t see that they have a problem because the next big win will make everything okay again. Many gambling addicts find themselves buried under a mountain of debt and without friends. Gambling becomes the most important thing-;even more important than paying the bills.

Stealing and Committing Fraud

On top of the financial troubles and strained relationships, the addict may even land in legal trouble. The need to gamble can compel them to steal from people and even commit fraud. Fraudulent activities can include things such as floating checks across different bank accounts, stealing credit card information, embezzling money from work, or anything else that can yield quick cash.

If any of these things sound familiar, you or a loved one may need Gambling Addiction Treatment in Holton KS. Admitting there is a problem and that you need help is a huge step toward recovery. If you are ready to learn more about getting professional and compassionate help, visit today.

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