Signs it is Time for Slate Roof Repairs in Nassau County, NY

Slate roofing is durable and will usually last for many years. However, different slate types have different life spans. Only an expert will be able to tell a homeowner for certain how long their slate roof is going to last.

While this is true, slate roofing may still develop cracks and other damages as time passes. Figuring out when to seek slate roof repairs in Nassau County NY is key. Keep reading to learn some of the signs that repairs are needed.

Moisture Damage

Look for indications of moisture damage in a slate roof. Soft or fragile slate tiles are going to soak up much more rainwater and are much more prone to damage from moisture. The professionals can typically check for the signs of moisture damage in the attic or the rafters.

If a homeowner begins to notice any signs of rot in these areas, they need to contact the professionals right away. The roof experts can provide the necessary slate roof repairs in Nassau County NY to ensure the system’s integrity is restored.

Water Damage

It’s a good idea to check for signs of water leaks in the attic or in other areas of the home. Any signs of water damage may be seen in the living areas on all floors of the home.

Exterior Roof Damage

Make sure to look for signs of damage on the exterior of the roof. If there is interior damage, check to see if there is corresponding exterior damage. Usually, damage on the exterior of the roof isn’t going to show up directly over the damaged interior area, so a bit of detective work may be necessary.

Hollowness of the Tiles

Try tapping on the slate tiles on the roof and listen to the sound that it makes. If there is a dull sound, there’s a good chance that the tiles have become porous from the interior. It may be an issue with the metal fasteners instead of an issue with the tiles themselves.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by calling for repairs in a timely manner when issues arise. More information about slate tile repair and when it is needed can also be found by taking the time to contact North Shore Roofing & Siding Corp.

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