Shur-Lok Fasteners & Products from Other Quality Brands

Shur-Lok Fasteners & Products from Other Quality Brands

Shur-Lok is a mechanical fastener manufacturing company that was established in 1951 in Los Angeles, CA. Since its inception, Shur-Lok has grown into a worldwide company that serves specialists in a number of fields with a focus on aerospace and aircraft applications. If you’re searching for Shur-Lok fasteners for a current project, you can find many of their products through dependable companies that maintain a sizeable stock. Whether you have a specific product in mind, or need a custom-made piece, choosing the right company makes all of the difference.

Aircraft & Aerospace Nuts

Barrel nuts and bearing locknuts are two types of Shur-Lok fasteners that are used by professionals in numerous industries. Barrel nuts are highly efficient for aerospace and aircraft applications, as they reduce the need for drilling and costly bolts. Bearing locknuts are also ideal for aircrafts and aerospace fabrications, including gearboxes and transmission equipment. These types of fasteners include a serrated washer and shaft that is secured over or inside of the nut for optimal retention. Many reputable fastener companies carry Shur-Lok products, and can customized barrel nuts and bearing locknuts to meet your specifications.

Fittings for Fluid Systems

Shur-Lok designs and engineers a variety of products geared toward aircraft and aerospace fabrications. A wide range of their products can be purchased through trusted suppliers that can provide knowledgeable customer service. Like a many of their fasteners, Shur-Lok fluid fittings are also excellent for aircraft and aerospace projects. Fluid fittings are used to construct fuel and fluid systems for helicopters, engines, aircrafts, and other applications. Because they’re kept stationary by a serrated ring that locks them into place, they don’t rotate as some MS fittings do.

Lengthy List of Products

Additionally, there are numerous other forms of mechanical fasteners manufactured by Shur-Lok that are used by military, aircraft, and aerospace professionals. Different types of fasteners are also frequently used in the transportation, medical, and construction fields. Whether you’re looking for inserts, sandwich structure fasteners, expandable diameter fasteners, studs, spacers, plugs, or another item, an experienced supplier that carries Shur-Lok fasteners can assist you with locating the product you need. Or, many suppliers are also able to manufacture customized pieces suited to your individual requirements. For more visit

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