Should You Get a Volvo Lease, Find a Dealer near Rockford

For most people, the thought of getting a new car means getting a loan and buying it outright. This option works well for most people in Rockford, but it isn’t the only choice. A Volvo lease can be just as good as buying, but it works a little differently. When leasing a car, you pick the one you want and still make monthly payments. However, you are, in a sense, paying to borrow the vehicle for the specific term (usually three to five years). When the leasing terms are over, you take the car back and pay for any mileage you’ve used. You do have the option to buy the car, either outright or through a loan, or you can return it and lease something else. Leasing is highly beneficial for many people, so learning more about the benefits can help you determine if it is suitable for you.

Lower Payments

While each case is different, leasing usually gives you a lower monthly payment to make each month. It can be up to 60 percent lower than buying a car outright or using a loan company. Therefore, you might be able to get a vehicle that is a little more expensive or luxurious and still be able to make the monthly payment on it. Just make sure that the salesperson runs the numbers for you, or you bring a calculator to run the numbers to make sure that you can afford the payment each month.

No Repairs

If you choose a Volvo lease of about 36 months, the vehicle should be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty during the contract, which means you aren’t going to have to pay for any repairs. However, you do need to keep up with all recommended maintenance schedules, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and the like.

A Volvo lease can help you get the car you want without having to deal with the traditional headaches of purchasing. Visit McGrath Volvo Cars Barrington near Rockford at to learn more today.

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