Should I Take Private Piano Lessons or Teach Myself?

Should I Take Private Piano Lessons or Teach Myself?

It’s not uncommon for aspiring pianists to wonder why it’s so important to study with a piano teacher in Houston when it’s possible to teach oneself how to play. There are plenty of people who choose not to take piano lessons, opting instead to learn the piano on their own. While this works for some people who are choosing to play as a hobby, though, it’s not really an advisable course of action to take if you’re serious about learning to play well or achieve an advanced level. While some piano teachers may charge a considerable amount of money for their services, proper lessons really do yield superior results.

Despite the fact that the piano is one of the first instruments that many people in Houston learn, it’s also widely considered to be one of the most complex. Though woodwind, brass, string, and percussion instruments all have their unique challenges, and none of them are easy to master, the piano engages many skills at once, such as reading bass and treble clef simultaneously, as well as requiring the coordination of both hands and feet at the same time. All musical instruments, and perhaps especially the piano, are difficult to master without a teacher. Even though you may teach yourself to play at a bigger to intermediate level, there are many finer points of piano, and of music itself, that you will miss if you don’t have the guidance of an accomplished, well-trained teacher. In addition, stumbling blocks may prove to be very frustrating, which will lead you to quit before you have had the opportunity to advance significantly, when a teacher can offer techniques to overcome such difficulties.

A piano teacher will teach you how to read music—not only the notes on the page, but also the style and musicianship that one must learn from someone who has studied extensively. By learning the correct techniques, you’re maximizing your potential and getting things done much more quickly than you’d probably be able to on your own, and you know you’re learning correctly.

If you teach yourself to play the piano, you’re forced to rely on your own limited knowledge, which is why even the most advanced musicians continue to study with teachers well into and beyond their graduate years. An accomplished music teacher can help you identify errors that are impeding your performance that are so slight that you may be overlooking them.

Many Houston stores that sell pianos also provide piano lessons. If the store does not offer piano lessons on site, they will certainly be able to recommend a piano teacher in Houston that is a good fit for your level and your goals.

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